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Limited Edition Steam Wagon

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In 1972 Mamod releases the steam wagon. It was based on a traction engine but used a short boiler. It came with Foden style wheels, steel chassis and a detachable body with a meth’s burner. It was available in green, black and red at the impressive price of £10.75.

In 1973 the burner was changed to solid fuel and the colour changed to blue.

Forward to 1978 when the sight glass was added.

So now, after 50 years faithful service, we are proud to release a special edition steam wagon limited to 100 engines. It comes with 2 brass 50th plaques, certificate, revised cab & back and special decals.

And to celebrate the departure of a loyal friend and colleague, the haulage company is called Parsons.

Having seen how the Steam Roller Special Edition was over subscribed twice over so we suggest you get your order in early.

50th anniversary limited Edition Steam Wagon comes complete with an official certificate for this commemorative model.

What makes this unique?

  • Brass 50th plaque on both sides of the cab.
  • Full cab
  • Brass pins and roof over the trailer end.
  • Headlights.
  • Brass Chimney Cowl.
  • Different wheels with tyres.
  • Special decals.
  • Only 100 are been manufactured.