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Bolton Number 12 Beam Engine

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No 12 Beam Engine

1 7/8” Bore by 3 ¾” Stroke

Flywheel 14"

This exceedingly beautiful model was based on the pumping engine installed at Walka Water Works, Oakhampton, near Maitland NSW. It is currently the largest commercially available model beam engine in the world. This model represents a 16 Horse Power beam engine of about 1880 and has the beautiful parallel motion, an invention of James Watt, to keep the piston rod vertical instead of a crosshead and slide bar. The ball weight speed governor is also another of Mr Watts patents. The beam engine is probably the most impressive type of engine ever built. Its huge flywheel, large overhead beam and long connecting rods usually polished brightly, and large centre column combined with the low speed of about 8 to 12 rpm's gives it a dignity not possessed by any other machine

Please note all castings will require machining. The image shown is for display purposes only.