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Cherry Red Case Hardening Powder

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Cherry Red is a compound of dry, powdered materials used to surface harden steels quickly and easily. It is non-flammable and is a simple, east, & effective means of quick-hardening tools and parts. Cherry Red is widely used in industry to case harden mild, lower cost steels as well as tool steels and other modern steel alloys.

The product is easy to use. Anyone (even without heat treating experience) can get highly satisfactory results. The only equipment needed is something to heat the work piece, such as a furnace, forge, or torch. Cherry Red is fast acting, the case hardening
takes only minutes.

Cherry Red is used for case hardening dies, molds, jigs, and fixtures. It is used to harden punches, gauges, broaches, draw bar pins, bushings, wear-plates, thrust washers, and many tools and parts. Users report 60 Rockwell C hardness from 1018/1020 steels. Keep Cherry Red at hand, in the shop, always ready for use so no time is lost and work delays are avoided.